Namaste and warm welcome to the abundance initation with Shiva Siddhananda.

Through this course will you be initiated by Shiva to open up for more abundance and prosperity in your life. The initiation will help you to attune your consciousness to the consciousness of abundance.

You will have lifetime access to the initiation and you can go back and fort to it as see it again as many times as you like and want to. Every time you watch it will the energy go deeper and transform you more.

You will also have access to abundance and prosperity mantras which will help you attune and refine your consciousness even more.

We wish you all the best on your journey to prosperity and abundance.

Abundance Consciousness Initiation

This Sacred Healing Vibration Initiation will transform you into your Abundance Consciousness and remove the sense of lack.

Receive this deep initiation that will attune your energy field to enhance your ability to receive the manifestations that your soul is singing for: prosperity, joy, peace, wisdom, direction, clarity, miracles, and indeed love.

The Initiation goes to the root core of your dna and you unconscious cultural programming of lack and scarcity and transforms that to a consciousness of Abundance.

The initiation will open your heart and make it ready to receive, ready to receive what you truly dream of.

It will help you take away faulty programming of lack of self worth.

You are worthy.

You are worthy.

You are worthy.

Even if you consciously think you are worthy, the programming of the society will test your will again and again, and this Initiation in the Power to Receive will help you stand strong in your Abundance mindset every time.

The initiation will work like this:

In your area at your Initiation plattform you will find a pre recorded video with Shiva where he is sending this frequencies and new light programming to you.

You will look into his eyes and receive the transmission.

At the same time Shiva is also sending this transmission live to you from wherever he is in the world at the time of your initiation. (You are watching the video and Shiva is connected to you)

You might feel sensations in your heart chakra, but not all people do, it does not make the initiation stronger if you do, it’s just that different people receive this in different ways.


Shiva & Lalita