How to use your membership area


To access any module, click on it in the sidebar on the left, then select any of the sections within the  module.

Creating a Favorites List

You can select to add sections within modules to a favorites list by first opening the section within the module you want, then clicking on the star to the right of the section name at the top of the page. After adding your first section to your favorites list, a star icon will appear in the menu bar located at the top right of your member’s area. To access your favorites list, click on that star in the menu bar to see and quickly access all sections you have added.‚Äč

Menu Bar

You can find the menu bar, with up to 6 different icons, located at the top right of your membership area.

  • Click on the magnifying glass icon to search for any titles or words associated with what you are looking for.
  • Click on the star icon (appears only after adding at least one section to your favorites list) to see and access all of the sections you have added to your favorites list.
  • Click on the person icon to access your personal profile. There, you can change your password, upload a picture of yourself, and update your personal details.
  • Click on the bars icon to see the site map of your member’s area, including all modules and their sections which you can select to view individually.
  • Click on the intertube icon to write and review any support tickets you have submitted.
  • Click on the arrow icon to log out of the member’s area.