About The Initiation

The experience you will have with Shiva Siddhananda and the initiation will be different from person to person and it depends on your level of consciousness and your level of sensitivity. We all have different layers of karma and our mind are disturbing us on different levels. 

You will receive what you are capable of receiving. Just relax and be open. See it like this.. what happens if you put a 10 000 volt of light within your body? You see… thats why you only are able to receive from the level of consciousness that you are vibrating on.

You may see different faces or you may see the aura of Shiva. The faces you may see will be past life associations. But please don´t have any expectations because that may hinder your experience. Your mind and ego will always try to hold you back remember that.

The spiritual journey is not a competition, just focus on Shivas eyes and leave everything else when you are in the energy with him. You can ask him to bless you with abundance and prosperity before you receive the initiation. 

Happy Initiation,

Shiva & Lalita