Meditation Classes & Training with Shiva Siddhananda

Learn to Meditate Properly & Save 40 Years Of Struggle

Shiva Siddhananda have been practicing Meditation for over 10 years. He is now under guidance of his Spiritual Master Sri Swami Purohit.

Shiva uses Kriya techniques and other secrets which he learned to help his students to move from an active mind to a still mind with ease. His presence also makes a great impact for the students to easy move in the the silence within.

Learn meditation with Shiva Siddhananda!

  • Tools to still the mind
  • Kriya techniques
  • Find your inner Bliss
  • Relax the mind and body completely

Down below can you find series of meditations with Shiva Siddhananda which can help you to go deeper in to your meditation practice.

Meditate like a Boss! Meditation Practice for Beginners & Advanced Meditators