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Music has always been a part of Shivas life. From his teenage years he listened to a lot of music mostly rap and hip hop music. His father influenced him with Spanish music when they were driving to football games and other places.

When Shiva was 19 he started to produce and play with music. Making beats for others and rapping himself. Music from there on became his biggest inspiration in life and it was both from inspiration and a way to deal with life, like a therapy to deal with hardships that life can give us.

He has produced music for several artists across the globe, singers and rappers. But for Shiva it’s always been about being by himself for many hours during late night, creating magic from his soul.

He always worked with different models of MPC´s and today he works with his MPC X as a vehicle for blending all the sounds together. Then he and his beloved wife Lalita comes up with ideas for the instrumentals.

Mantras starts to come out naturally as i hear the music Shiva says. I then record the mantras or meditations that I am channeling into the music. Always in one take, there is never a mantra or meditation written down, all is coming from within as a divine channel into the music when I create..

People are experiencing great healing benefits by listening to Shivas´s music, both from the music and his voice.

Sacred Healing Music is what he and his wife calls their music today. Which is a blend of deep spiritual music with mantras and healing.

I am always happy when i create music and i hope that energy can do something positive for you in your life, by tuning into my music.

Shiva Siddhananda

Client Love


Ian Harris

It’s the most healing and powerful music in its genre. I’m listening about 8 Hours per day. Soo grateful 🙏🏼


Maggie Stolpe

We sit in meditation and the notes to this healing meditation start.
And I feel how everything just comes up and out, my friend grabs my hand and holds the entire trip because that’s what this meditation is for me.
A deep Journey!
I met all four of my parents.
Powerful. 🔥❤️

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