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Soul Session 25 Nov 2019

Soul Session 11 November 2019

The Power of Meditation Bali

Nadi Activation in your Spine

How to find inner peace

Guru & Divine Consciousness

Soul Session 25 Nov 2019

Heart Meditation Healing

8 Limbs of Yoga (Swedish)

Infrared Healing meditation

Science of Karma (Swedish)

Pranic Healing

Mantra Healing Event 2021

Self Healing Event 2020 Bali

Pranayama for Samana Prana

The Sacred Healing Vibration

Ego and the past 2020 Bali

Change thoughts with Mantra

Meditate like a Boss!

Change Brain Change your Life

Chakra Cleanse Healing Event

Karma Emotions Attachments

Satsang Spiritual Conversation

Samskaras & Past Life

How To Manifest Like God

Solstice Transition 2021

Mantras and how they work

Heart & Soul Awakening

Arjuna in the battlefield

Wealth Satsang Mantras

New Year Satsang 2021

Shani Mantra Chant

Shanti Mantra Chant

Abundance Code Activation