2 Wednesdays a Month

The Sacred Healing Chamber Of Light

“I Created THE SACRED HEALING CHAMBER OF LIGHT Because I want To Share My Energy To People All Over The World Who Need Healing And Guidance In Their Spiritual Journey.”

– Shiva Siddhananda

The Sacred Healing Chamber Of Light Is A Sacred Collective Space For People To Come Together 2 Wednesdays a Month For 60 Minutes.

Participants Are Opening An Ocean Of Yogic Abilities Alleviating Stress, Developing The Mind, And Heal On Deeper Levels. Where The Mind Becomes More Optimized And Performance Based, And Where You Learn To Store More Prana To ‘Expand’ Your Consciousness and become “SuperHealthy”.

The Sacred Healing Chamber Of Light with Shiva Siddhananda

2 Wednesdays A Month

8:30pm (GMT+2) for 60 minutes

Please contact shivasiddhananda@gmailcom
if you have questions or experience any issues.

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How to Prepare:

  • Before we start, have your own space for 45 minutes. Open up and activate healing for your physical, mental and spiritual body through Shiva Siddhanandas guidance.
  • Please do not have any alcohol or substances in your body while taking part in The Sacred Healing Chamber Of Light.
  • Wear flowing clothing. No tight pants, no belts.

After the Sacred Healing Chamber:

  • For optimal results I recommend – but do not require – that no meat or alcohol is consumed for 21 days.

This is meant to keep your body clear and open for the healing/releasing that may follow.

You will still see results if you do eat meat or drink alcohol; integration runs deeper without.