Mantra Initiation


Mantras are tools to still the mind, raise your vibration, transform emotions and mood. They tune your mind, heart and body to desired vibrations. You can use them like affirmations but they are whey more powerful.

The background sound in the universe Aum which is the universal mantra that started the evolution of the physical world. So this mantra contains all other mantras within it. Mantras are not only like affirmations, mantras has specific frequencies that corresponds with different planets, body parts and states of being so they do not only affect the mind but really resonates with the soul.

When Shiva connects with you he will ask for your intention and then he will connect with your energy and choose a specific mantra just for you to use on a daily basis. When we get a mantra from a spiritual master we get the energy from the master and we will have a greater benefit than just finding the mantra on youtube.

After the session you will have the recorded session with all the energy to watch again whenever you like and feel to do it.


  • 1 Zoom meeting + Recording
  • 1 Personal Mantra Initiation
  • Proper instructions on how to use your mantra correctly

Serious seekers only. Please note there are only a few private slots currently available.

PLEASE NOTE:  Shiva Siddhananda has a NO REFUND policy. All sales are final.

There are no refunds.


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