Full Moon Healing


Happy Full Moon! Shreem Brzee!
The Full Moon phase is the most important of all moon phases. During this time the powers of creativity, abundance and manifestation of desires. The Moon has the ability to influence your mind. This is a very important concept for the Siddhas (enlightened beings). They always look to the Moon to find out what type of energy is available on a given day. It affects the whole being and the environment.
On the Full Moon day itself, there is a tremendous amount of energy available on the earth plane; the Gods and Goddesses also come to the earth plane. The full moon is the perfect opportunity to transform our consciousness and build a new foundation of creativity and abundance. Also, many enlightened beings and archetypes visit the earth plane during this time and their blessings are abundantly available for humanity and Divine energies are abundantly available to magically obtain wealth consciousness.
At a time when the world is at the tipping point of another economic crisis, the Full Moon time windows provide a sacred opportunity to turn around your fortune.
Today is the perfect day to attract anything that need to come in alignment for you to be in your flow of success!
Remember that abundance is something we can tune into.
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After you have done your payment you are automatically enrolled to receive the healing. You can prepare your session with having space for yourself for at least 30 minutes. If you like you can put some music on, burn some incense and candles. The healing is very strong and specially during the full moon. The healing is sent for 3o minutes by Shiva and sometimes there is a need for more space after the session. You receive the Full Moon Healing every month during full moon at 21:00 PM your time.


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