1 Month Recovery Burnout Depression Program


Shiva Siddhananda can help you see what stands in your way from accessing your highest potential in life. Shiva will have a look at your energy level and he will then give you a special program designed just for you to follow during the month. This is a rare and unique opportunity for you to take part of. Shiva will give you the tools to help you recover from your burnout or depression.

I know how it is because I have been there many times myself. We need a slow and easy process back to our normal energy level and I know exactly how to help you. This is why I do this monthly program because I know that 1 hour together is now enough to get you back on track.


  • Shiva Siddhananda will provide you with private guidance, exercises, tools, and techniques, to help you with your burnout and depression.
  • You have direct access to Shiva Siddhananda via Telegram from Monday to Friday during the month.
  • You will have 1 Zoom meeting every week, recordings of the meeting included.
  • 4 Initiations & Activations at the end of each meeting
  • 4 Energy Transmissions, 1 each week.
  • Sacred Healing Yoga exercises for mind, body and emotional well being
  • Sacred tools to help you recover quicker from your depression or burnout

Serious seekers only. Please note there are only a few private slots currently available.

PLEASE NOTE:  Shiva Siddhananda has a NO REFUND policy. All sales are final.

There are no refunds.


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