Ascension Coaching & Channeling


Shiva Siddhananda can help you see what stands in your way from accessing your highest potential in life. Shiva will have a look at your energy level and he will then give you a special ascension program designed just for you to follow. This is a rare and unique opportunity for you to take part of.

Shiva will connect with his guides and initiate & activate you. This is very important when it comes to your ascension. Shiva can help you to move stagnant energy and activate you to higher energy during this session.

After the session you will have the tools to develop your mind emotions and physical body which is vital to help you hold the higher levels of energy during ascension.

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  • Shiva Siddhananda will provide you with private guidance, exercises, tools, and techniques
  • 1 Zoom meeting + Recording
  • 1 Energy Transmissions with channeling
  • Sacred Healing Yoga Exercises for mind body and emotional well being
  • Sacred tools for your ascension process
  • Proper Meditation training

Serious seekers only. Please note there are only a few private slots currently available.

PLEASE NOTE:  Shiva Siddhananda has a NO REFUND policy. All sales are final.

There are no refunds.


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