Welcome To The Mantra Library

You can listen and download our mantras here in the mantra library. Some mantras are for free and others have a small energy exchange to get access to. We hope that the mantras will help you to transform your life as it has with ours and millions of other people. There will be a short description of each mantra so you can understand it and see how it is written down.

Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevay

Om – Refers to the Supreme Infinite

Namo – Salutation, Worship

Bhagvate – God in Sanskrit someone who is considered God (or equally powerful, merciful). Bhagavate is one who is becoming divine.

Vasudevay – Vasudevaya is Vasu means “Life in all beings” Devaya means “God”. This means God(life/light) who lives of all beings. Krishna is also known as Vasudeva (Krishna), because He was the son of Vasudeva. In the Bhagavad-Gita, Arjuna called Krishna by the name Vasudeva multiple times.

I got this Mantra from my Master Sri Swami Purohit. This mantra will help you with balancing the spiritual and the material world.