Listen and learn about the Mantras

Abundance Player

We encourage you to listen to the mantras on a daily basis and when your concsiousness is tuned in, you start to chant them yourself and you do that on a daily basis.

  • Shreem Brzee – Wealth and Prosperity Mantra
  • Prosperity Mantra – For Material Prosperity
  • Lakshmi Blessing – Receive Lakshmis Blessings
  • Sri Lakshmiye – Connect to the Goddess Lakshmi
  • Om Hrim Om – Biija Mantra for Lakshmi Activating the Earth Element
  • Arul – Gives you Omnipotence – Omniscience – Omniprecence
  • Kubera Gyatri Mantra – The Banker of the Heavens
  • Aghastya Brzee – Connect yourself to the Saint Aghastya and the Goddess Lakshmi
  • Secret Kubera Mantra – Secret Mantra which helps you to get Money whenever you need it