Receive Energy Healing and practice Sacred Healing Yoga

Watch the latest replays of Shiva & Lalitas free Events & Webinars. We encourage you to benefit by watching with your loved ones to be healed, inspired and uplifted to live your life to your fullest potential.

Self Healing Event

During this workshop we are leading you through two very simple but extremely powerful exercises to active your healing powers and increase the transmission through your hands. The event will end with you having an opportunity for a free energy transmission via Shiva.

7 Chakra Healing Event

In this healing event Shiva is transmitting energy to all of your 7 chakra centers. He cleanses and balance them and raise the vibration in your auric field. This can give you, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual benefits.

Heart Meditation Healing with Shiva

Shiva is sharing a Heart Meditation with a healing transmission to open up the heart center and to connect with Soul.

Activate Your Fire Element with Shiva

Shiva is sharing one exercise and one infrared healing meditation to help you activate the fire element.

Learn More About Healing & Activate Your Hands

Shiva is sharing 9+ years experiences with healing. How to become a Sacred Healing Vibration Healer. (Swedish Language)

Meditation & Patanjalis 8 Limbs of Yoga (Swedish)

Shiva is sharing a Jyoti Light Meditation & Talks about Patanjalis 8 Limbs of Yoga. At the end there is a Q&A with interesting questions. (Swedish Language)

Science of Karma with Shiva Siddhananda

Shiva is breaking down the science of karma and answering questions about karma and sharing a karma meditation technique. (Swedish Language)