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Your donation will help people in need and to eliminate suffering for humanity.
All contributions go towards providing free events, programs and services and establishing the Shiva Siddhananda Ashram – a center where anyone in the world can come to participate in Shivas’s Healing Satsangs and Teaching Programs. We are so grateful for your kind support.

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Building The Sacred Healing Center

The Sacred Healing Center is a Garden of Eden on Earth. People come here to recharge and heal. The center is constituted of a sacred mountain that covers large areas of an edible forest garden that produces organic karma free food to the healing center and the people living in the village an all guests on their healing journey.
There is a small river flowing peacefully with a tiny waterfall for cleansing ceremonies. Organically designed water stairs build up the energy of the water flowing over goddess statues. The abundance of flowers bring you joy both scents and their lush beauty but they are also part of the ecosystem drawing pollinators for the food and medicine plants. The garden is full of herbs for natural remedies and food for healing.
Sit for meditation in one of the pyramids or simple stroll on one of the many small pathways around in the gardens. See the natural water treatment ponds or learn more on how we build more natural soil with nature. There is a big Satsang and yoga hall with views of the ocean. You will find a very well sorted Health shop, a spiritual book store and an Healthy organic vegan restaurant.
You can come here for a shorter retreat or for a longer healing journey. Once a week Shiva Siddhananda will offer a spiritual talk and guided meditation in the Satsang hall. On top of the mountain there is a big Christ statue with arms stretched out to the valley blessing it with love. You can sit under a mango tree meditating och lie in a hammock listening to the wildlife.
Take a bath in the natural pool or receive a healing massage. Talk to a therapist or just rest in your bed in the natural organically shaped bungalow. The buildings are made with natural and local materials that are beneficial for human health. There will be nature walks and physical yoga Asanas and Pranayamas, Meditations and Chanting on the schedule for all that can participate.
This area will be filled with The Sacred Healing Vibration and you will feel the high spiritual and peaceful vibration as soon as you enter the gardens. This is the Place where we wish that people come at least once a year to recharge, heal and catapult their spiritual work and progress
If you have been helped a lot by the meditations and the Lifestyle that Shiva Siddhananda and Lalita Devananda has been sharing and feel that you to would like to help other people on the path of spiritual wellness feel free to share your gift with the Community by donating your energy either with Money for the Construction costs or in your time as a volunteer with planting fruit trees and helping build this Place with us on site.
If you have not yet discovered your unique gift but you have an urge to help – feel free to reach out and we can help you get started.
Thank you so much for you love and devotion!
With Love,

Shiva Siddhananda & Lalita Devananda